What you desire is not a fig of imagination
It was, is now and will ever be behind that door
“You are the key, for the lock”

Door coveting to be opened
Stands locked
Ever inviting
Ever alluring
What pain!
What desire to be one with the desired!

“Knock not at the door
Its closed upon you”
Once it opened for someone more endeared
Once when things followed plan
Desire to enter time portal to undo plan is battling with time present

“You are the key and you know it.
And the desire to be one with the desired is overwhelming!
Smothering every breath

But the city din is choking every voice from behind the door
As if the pitless abysmal depths are rising to drown the voices
Cacophonic discord resounds
Oh! The desire to be one with the desired is fainting

Still the waking eyes pine for whispering dreams
That have long since flown away
Vanishing in the thin air
Hiding their soft ariel baby faces
In far distant athereal dreamlands



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  1. Desire to be desired battles, is overwhelming and fainting…. But in each part such mastery in the use of words and expressions…waking eyes pine for whispering dreams, ariel baby faces, ethereal dreamlands… Beautiful words and expressions. A treat to read which I read quite a few times..

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  2. Actually, my focus was more towards the painting and then reading your words 🙂

    Voices of longing to be desired.

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