Spring Time mixing Memory and Desire

An array of whispering fantasies
Cataract of memories
Like rainbow colours pouring down
Drop by drop
Mind whirling to heart’s music
And the whole being in a trance
Dances to mellow tones

Let me blend more colours
And shimmering rays
With delicious exotic tunes
To word-paint the thought
Once conceived and forgotten
Blinking, and now flashing deja vu

Fancy the idea
Plucking strings
Of soft murmuring fantasies
Echoing silence and whisperings
Merging love, beauty and romance
Those bright spots
On the broad canvas
Of fast fleeing uncompromising Time

While grey areas disappear effortlessly;
With smooth budding sprouts
And blooming blossoms,
Sweet humming resorts
For honey suckling bees,
Then instincts follow suit
Celebrating Nature’s rebirth    



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