How can someone be so intriguingly intimate!
That mazes of remoteness start winding themselves up

Time forgets to track forward,
Standing still in the awe
When soul mates converge to one centre

Lost in a trance Souls rising in unified response
To melodious stimulants
Of rhythmic strokes
Groove and resonance
Establishing harmonies
All tuned to the symphony of stars          That move unnoticed

Earth celebrates
And Spring dances
To the music of flowers
The drowsy hum
Now shedding their petals
Laden with fumes

Is it a dreamland..
Intoxicating fancy,
Some far distant wonderland
Where reality has lost itself to fantasy
And fast running steeds of   imagination need no spur
For they have wings
To mount the air,
Through time and space

A land that celebrates
Purity of emotions
In subdued restraint

Ah! Time seems to stand still

For soul mates are caught in the spell
Of a never ending glance
That has life potion
And they, cannot, but only sip
With their inward eyes

‏یک نگاہِ نازِ جاناں قیمتِ ایمانِ ما


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