The Toil of Growing Up

Life offers certain curious
Rare moments of contemplation
That overwhelm the whole being
While the musing soul
Strives hard
Liberating itself of all fixations

Whirlpools of time sequence start
Stirring a slide show of images
Scenes after scenes
Layer upon layer overlapping
Rising waves inside the passive self

An unconscious attempt of the yearning heart
To never let go of memories
That are held endeared
Fondly cherished
Associations dear
Connections deep

Such was the mood before stepping into my dreamland
The hazy misty foggy dreamland

A Twilight zone
Making things murky
The mansion goes on stretching to the farthest end
Encompassing the unfathomable depths of obliteration
That linger at the back of your mind
Rising some day to haunt your solitude
Or your dreams

Cradled within dreamy lap
Floating automatic thoughts
A glimpse into our parallel life
A peep into some transcendental  dimension
Visions, dreams or visitations start

The spiral strings of recollections
Triggering waves after waves
The repository of forgotten  memories                                                     Whirling and whirling around
The gyre encircling the entire being     Churning and spinning
Widening and sprawling

Such are the moments of aching pain
That accompanies awakening of soul

Is it precognition
Or drowsy numbness
Piping dream afresh
Resonating associations dear
Calling aloud to set free the soul

Its been ages since in captivity
Inside the cocoon of forgetfulness          Yearing for light
For ascending, step by step
The mounting heights
Of expression and enterprize

The agony of splitting open
Fissures and tiny crevices
Dead limbs stretching out
The cocoon
By the fluttering caged soul
And that only from within

Conviction that hope is still alive
And would never leave us
Lights up moments of despondency
Still a slight slip
And even a strong one succumbs to shattering currents
In a blurring misty hazy foggy neverland

When shimmering rays peep in
Shadows flee with flikering flashes
Pain and pleasure numbs the senses

Then only Heart beats to the harmony of the responding souls
And with Cosmic Love comes Understanding

Subtle quiver here
Slight stirring there
Motion within the cocoon
That pull and the tug
A colossal strife for the tiny butterfly

To reach out for higher goals
Let go of nameless fixations
As a reverential act
To hail transcendental level ups



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