Prenatal heart talk
Throbbing to that stimulating resonance of heart beats
To establish the same rhythm of syllables and meters
A baby feels,
Harmonises to its music
And becomes responsive
To that lexicon of mutual communions

Who is that entity
A vessel through whom
Life is infused in the tiny limbs
Like some divine mystical inspiration
—— Mother——-
A bond so precious to crown all human relations

Mother— Divine charity for all
Nature’s bounteous love package
Pure connection of heart and soul
Ensuring procreation
For continuity of surging life
While keeping it safe
as a sacred trust
Before even it begins to wriggle
In the deep sheltered recesses
As an abode to the soul

Hidden inside the cosy warm habitat
Coiled up or stretching soft velvety limbs
The sweet angel reposes confidence
And thus begins
A constant unfaltering never ending tale of mutual love
That reflects in all of us
Echoing ever,  retrospectively




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  1. Superb indeed Beautifully expressed profound feelings Mothers are a Gift of GOD special Creation & Being with extraordinary attributes of Love inexplicable

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  2. simply awesome… its very difficult to express feelings in words when it comes to this relationship… but you were brilliant!!!

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