Cataract of Murmuring Colours

‘Prompt’ for writing poetry seems a new version of inspiring muses. My ‘Cataract of Murmuring Colours’ is a collection of lines that I wrote in response to such ‘prompts’ and then felt like keeping a record for my pleasure and romance.
Poetry is a kind of my romance with words that makes me bold enough to word paint ideas; sometimes well mused and many a times just spontaneous.
I have tagged this collection
#botaiku  #haiku  #micropoetry as these are some inspiring hashtags on twitter and offer poetry challenges, thus keeping the romance alive.

~Teeny tiny humming bird
Whizzing and hovering
Over *cigar plant
A tale of love and romance

unnamed (7)

~Spiral motif
A symmetry
Of beaded pearls
*Queen Anne’s lace

unnamed (1)

~*Striking brilliance
Of captivaing colours
Bewitching *Canna
Spells charm 

unnamed (2)

~Spinning spindle
Of hope
Sole habitat
A *Globe of prospects
Bubbles with life 


~Herbaceous *lantana
*Magnet butterfly
To wild resorts 



~Silent stream runs
Deep down flows
Currents of *million tales 


~Queen moon
In a *regal accord
A trail
Of majestic beams 


~Tunes of reeds
Whistling sweet
Dim *shrieks of *mandrake
City din
Drowns them all 

~No *pinching nor pruning
Echinacea asserts her beauty

In natural uncanny way 




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  1. A true romance with words, beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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