Cataract of Murmuring Colours…. a never-ending sequence

Garden theme continues in Cataract of Murmuring Colours….a never ending sequence 

Nature is inexhuastible bounty…a feast for eyes and a promising sourse of pleasure, beauty, love and romance. Same tags in this sequel…

#botaiku #haiku #micropoetry  and here asteriks indicate prompts for poetic impulses, a challenge working the muse for me.

~Flares of petals
What red n purple hues
Swinging *fuchsia
A bellerina
In dancing trance


~*Rose of sharon
Oriental beauty
Her *favourite
Embroidered motif
Bears a rustic touch


~The *elfin stalks
In starry night
Amongst the *herbs

~Blooming blossoms
*Crepe Myrtle
An *iconic figure
Walls the lane
In steady columnswpid-unnamed-9.jpg.jpeg

~*Lamb’s ear
Shades of green
Bordering pavement
In *woolly sheen

unnamed (3)

~What an exotic idea
*Once sought
Forever pursued
The hunt for
My *rose
The *blue moon

~Once beguiled
By promising vows
Never seeking now
A *rose garden
A bower wild

~Profusion of petals
*African marigold
Orange yellow globes
At *climax

~*Edges laced
*French marigold
In yellow
streaks manifold

~Golden yellow
*Gems of *marigold
Their heads
In breezes blown
Soft n mellow


Thanks @TheBotaiku for offering interesting poetry challenges


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