Child Abuse

Reincarnating bony structures
From the charnel house
With ribs all burning soot
Or rising out of pyre
Flames of desire
Though flames to flames will go
But who would have known
About scorching strikes of blistering wrath
Torching budding blossoms across the path
All through the garden
Roses bleed
For an evil deed
Has burnt and bruised them all

Confusion abounds
In the twilight zone
Nightmarish swamps of sodomy
Pregnant with evil pards
Give rise to
Slaves of desire
All old phantoms
Same ancient designs
But new tools for ransom
And they call them perverts..
Child molesters

Disgraceful sores
For a nation
Still struggling
To rise above bogs of blood and mire
Still wallowing
In blind complacency
Slumber like moral bankruptcy
And a state of denial

Whereas rising back to activity are the new apologists
Always lurking in the marshes of conspiracies
What face would they show now !
They say same faces
The dark murky faces
Hiding behind the masks
Display their true self

Propitious hour to take a stance
For a nation in romance
To fight the terror of shame
Before all ends up like a game
Show your adamant resolve
Unite now to save your minors
Or what future will be evolved??


Recent incident of child abuse in Kasur has baffled and jolted the minds that remained duped by collective complacency almost falling into a state of denial.
Child abuse is not a new subject, but to have among us confusing voices that play the apologist roles to tone the issue down by alluding to it as ‘consensual’ act are the worst among us. If now they would be successful in drowning  the cries of suffering kids n teens, in their cacophonic frenzy from behind their masks then there would be no end to damnation on moral grounds. Horrific is the thought of a future with such  living dead, a generation devoid of moral values or having any sense of right or wrong at all.
I couldn’t but think of images of burning flames in my poem for the despicables who scorched the young ones with the fire of their carnal desires.


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