Petrichor….a passing feeling


Breezes blow soothing zephyrous softness
Heralds of the coming rain
Harbinger of jubilation 
After scorching frizzle
Drop by drop
It begins to drizzle 

A peculiar aroma  
Earth perfume 
A sense strange 
An incessant craving 
For the far off lands
Bespotted with shiny markings 
And for those lovely moments
Floating paper boats
Once resonating with joy 
A heart’s yearning
Lively but fast fading 
Like youthful bliss
Or drowsy fumes of passing seasons
Leaving behind a trail of memories  
Nostalgia descends n engulfs 
A mellow pain for the aching lonesome heart
Shrouding the senses 
Like heavy down pour

And when puddles after rain reflect bands of colour
Impressions on shiny oily slick 
The vanishing memories flicker 
Blurring n merging rainbow shades
Dancing peacock-like kaleidoscopic interests
Evoking reflections 
Of lustrous beauty n romance
All, but 
Short lived ecstasy
Shimmering iridescence
On the canvas of Life
A riddle 
An enigma
Or a romance
A passing feeling

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  1. Beautiful in deed with subtle feelings Beautifully expressed straight from the soul pleasure to read

    Liked by 1 person

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