​Occidental to Oriental … Arrogantly Insecure

Part: 1

Why to vision then

A New World Order

A flimsy myth

Busted so soon

From gory to glory

Or other way round

When all this human race anticipates


A World Disorder

A castle without a door

In a walled 

Global village


To be arrogant and still feel insecure deep inside relates to new emerging life patterns all through the globe.

Hubristic impulses permeate through the social texture to such an extent to render people insecure enough, thus to blur vision of peaceful co-existence.

Insecurity hides behind arrogance undoubtedly. Therefore even among the learned lot we have arrogant scholars and men of letters.

Little would they go for discussions. Lack of tolerance is linked with heated debates.

If u don’t agree with me
What next
Simple…out u go

Extremism leaves, therefore, room for none.

Polarization has taken over our social behaviours
More extreme views leading to more extreme reactions.
Hence groups and gangs are

on the rise.

A social animal living in colonies, desires to restrict any attempt at fusion of ideas that might further lead to parting with well cherished age old norms.

What sounds easy way out….

Go ahead with more walls around and chained minds.

Places of communion and even most frequented places are roamed by more lonely souls.

All we need is a world full of compassionate souls among the commoners and our world leadership. We need strong Statesmen who are more concerned with their people’s welfare and less hoodwinked by rebels of any other state when mutiny in foreign lands, attract their concerns only, to further their interests and so the vicious circle goes on.

Humanity, therefore should not be left to die bit by bit, a silent death.

Listen to rhythm of heartbeat

Same for all humans

Variation might seem strong 

In pigmentation of human skin

Ideologies might clash

Still human race has to evolve

With tolerance

With forbearance

In face of all provocation

In face of all odds



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