Like two mirrors

Facing each to each

Reflecting within

Lifelike labyrinth

Mysterious ways

Layers upon layers

Like mesmerizing waves

That billow under surface

In depths of blue seas

Alluring and enticing

To make us lost more

Lost to find

Path authentic

And well defined.

In some spooky way

Perhaps correlating

Groping through

Dark intricate mazes

Of time present

That enfolds all yesterdays

And days to come

In a moment

A moment strange

Continuous, yet static

Pointing the way out

Only to those

Who lose bit by bit

Or fall to pieces

In time and space

Selflessly purging

Through love

Reclaiming the right

To find the answers

Only when lost fully

In reflection

Of two facing mirrors

That we are

And will ever be


Above lines are a poetic touch to Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” or mind asking for answers


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