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awareness akin to presence

just a nanosecond here and how much the cosmos has sprawled out towards far off recesses, unthought of or unfathomed space or void, don’t know how mind might conceive it. or how vibrant the symphonies playing at the heart of universe might have plucked the strings through groove n resonance, still cheering to poise n harmony through all tunes.

time pinches or hurts like phantom limb only when there is awareness about its fleeing nature, a sense of time past, all gone now, a moment that might have been here n then no more.

is it only then it hurts or otherwise let it be some element/force as numb or as static as stuck mind n thought without prespective whatsoever.

awareness makes us live or we are drowned in forgetfulness or call it ignorance of something that we have to know or discover before death, like the expectant conceivable moments that mind holds as ideals to be realised only once in ones life time or never at all.

the amazing or say the intriguing part would ever remain with the sense of absence being sweeter than unmoving presence.



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  1. So so wonderful!
    “the sense of absence being sweeter than unmoving presence”
    ♥️ this

    Liked by 1 person

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