Unveil Thy Soul…. Come to know yourself

I am the soft notes played by your soul
All the colours that your eyes yearn to see
I am the story to brighten up your solitude

I am the poetry that only your soul can write
And all the right words that yet have not been coined
Like beads they would string to wreathe harmony
And play to the mellow symphony of celestial accord

I am the journey that keeps eternal quest alive
Ever enticing
Towards exotic recesses
The vast expanses that mirage flimsy fantasy
Of never ending sequences of love and romance

The idea of beauty that lights up your soul
Hidden from all
Only for you to explore

Word the idea
Paint the colours
Bead the string
Play the melody
Walk the paths
Towards the beacon of rising soul

There, throbbing as if an unquenched desire
Your deriving soul stays expecting
Like an unravished bride
Unveil your soul
For I am You

Footnote :

‘Unveil Thy Soul’ is my poem to enjoy being inaugural post on my blog, though it’s not my first baby poem.
I believe we all have some hidden embers that need an ignition to spark up and glimmer to brighten up our life. It’s more about to believe in oneself.
Therefore, find out your true colours, your talents and potentials before even embarking upon the journey to actualise them.
Unveil your soul…come to know yourself.


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