Happy Nowruz

Life follows no formula
Is it a maxim or some quote?

One thing is for sure, anything dynamic, with prospect of change might defy set pattern. In individual pockets, one comes across a life that might offer lots of layered possibilities resulting in varied experiences.

Leaving aside the debate how far we are manipulated as pawns in cosmic pattern and the extent of freedom as agents to exercise free will, Life taken as a whole do follow some pattern or say formula

…an aspect,

a real love intrigue

that follows suit

after some cosmic mechanism

Certain rituals dim the messages in celebrations, even if it’s just about ….Revival of springs of life

Happy Nowruz

Among many of the traditions about Nowruz…it also stands as a day of promise or a sweet bond with my Master and Sustainer.

As it is said….

~This is the day when God took the Covenant from the souls of the humans that they should consider Him as One without any companion in prayers and that they should also believe in the Holy Prophets and the fourteen Masoomeens (the sin-less).

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  1. Happy Nowruz and beautiful beginnings to you and yours.

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