Some lines about terror attack at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sehwan


Of terror doctrine

Felt insecure again

This time hits Sehwan,

The heart throb

Of Indus valley

Fostering centuries old



The most advance

Of its times

In a quest
That calls for more
Sehwan is an all comprehensive idea
Of reverence
Of love
Of tolerance

Terror element

Insecure self

All it fears is…

Lexicon of love

Of Trance

That uplifts the soul

A quest to achieve


In peaceful co-existence.


A colour
A quest
A divine trance
Swirling with love of Hussain


To ultimate love of Allah

The one enshrined there

Uplifts the lost souls

Links them

To divine thought

Of pure devotion

To Allah,

The Sustainer

Offering a devotee

A feel

To be safe

Never left alone

Against all odds

Woe to the blast!!

That threatened

A simple devotee’s

Attempt at being spiritually connected

People became

More reactive….

Not by threatening the death mongers

But by defying death

And when

Dhamal resumed

Swirling darvesh

Stands out

A symbol of resilience

Mocking terror

Mocking extremism

Polarization might seem the dividing phenomenon

But here


Drenched the souls with light

Of conviction

Of will power

Come what may

نمی دانم کہ آخر چوں دمِ دیدار می رقصم
مگر نازم بایں ذوق کہ پیشِِ یار می رقصم

I do not know why at last to have a longing look

I dance
But I feel proud of the fondness that before the Friend

I dance




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  1. That one look of the lover. That one look it must’ve been after the blast, when Laal would’ve lifted up his head, staring right into the souls of those, who’d been bathed with their own blood! Thanks fr this.

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  2. Thanks Faisal

    That terror attack has opened up and connected more of the silent souls.

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